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HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate EMI Calculator Login

calculate home loan emi

How to calculate home loan emi?

Are you looking to avail loan but before that want to know your EMI, firstly know EMI is the amount that must be paid every month to the respective bank or financial institutions from where you have availed Loan as per standard terms & conditions. The best part of the EMI is you are not only paying your interest on the loan as well as the principal amount too by which it would gradually lessen from your borrowed specific Loan amount. As respectively sum of principal amount and interest will be divided by tenure. Tenure is known as number of months between which your loan has to be repaid. At the early stages ( initial period ) you will be charged slight larger amount on your EMI but definitely it will reduce as per each payment take place. Your principal amount on loan is thoroughly depended on you Interest Rate as it be constant & and in your whole tenure period your Interest Rate that too will be constant ,Your principal amount and other interest component will be charged over a periodic time which clearly means that you will pay more principal amount & lesser interest on your Loan amount.

For Calculating EMI you don’t need to be master of math’s, just it require 3 simple steps like Loan amount following with Interest Rates & finally Tenure (No of Months).

Kindly follow the details below given to calculate your EMI :-

Principal loan amount

Loan term (months or years)

Rate of interest (percentage)

This will outlet you with a colorful table of chart which include four types of category Principal, Interest Amount, EMI Payment & Balance. For instant result visit

For Calculating EMI ,You can use the slider for automate number selecting but if you feel it would tricky to use ,then you can also manually enter the number on the respective box . What would be awesome if we say that entering or selecting number in their related box can give you changing representative graph of the table chart with ease , this will not only give you an instant & accurate prediction but also help in time Savy. You will able to view whole schedule table which can be downloaded there itself. If you are planning to avail Loan might it be a home loan, personal loan, business loan like any loan, It will be highly recommended to Calculate your EMI & compare various lenders ROI Chart to choose the Best Deal before you apply for any type of loan Search, Compare & Choose.