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How To Connect your Air Pods Max to your iPhone or iPad?

Air pods

Air pods

Know You can Read This Article how to use your air pods? On Your PC iPhone & iPad let start the set up your Air Pods.

Setup your Air Pods On iPhone:

If you’re fixing your AirPods for the primary time, confirm that you simply have an iPhone with the newest version of iOS. Then follow this steps:

  1. Ready Your Devices Air Pods Max to your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open Your devices Settings app.
  3. Click Bluetooth. Your Air Pods Max should show over here as “Connected.”
  4. Click the “i” button beside the entry for your Air Pods Max.
  5. Scroll right down to the About section at rock bottom .
  6. Check Version to ascertain which version of firmware is installed on your Air Pods Max.

You can also check the firmware version by trying to find your AirPods Max within the General, About section of the iPhone or iPad Settings app.

Again, though, if you’re not seeing version 12345 here, there’s not much you’ll do except await it to return through on its own. confirm your Air Pods Max are charged and near your iPhone or iPad and it should arrive eventually.

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