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Create Gmail Account & Sing Up Gmail

How to Create Gmail Account ?

I think most of you know that for signing up any account – Gmail account is generally required it might be for social media login, any application login, any website site notification getting & much more. As the nation adopted advanced level of technology where everything get online, therefore your’s online presence is must needed. If you don’t know how to create Gmail accounts, no need to worry, I will guide you step by step.

Click this page to Create your Google Account : Google Chrome

Select This Option For Myself & To Manage my Business any one

Note: – If a red marked line appears saying that Username is taken! Try another – This clearly notify you that your entered username has been used by someone else, therefore you should make changes over your username neither select below given available username for continue process.

Enter your unique password & confirm your password then click Next!

Now on the next page google will ask your mobile phone (optional)

We’ll use your number for account security. It won’t be visible to others.

Note: – Google is asking your mobile phone as optional not mandatory it’s up to you If you want to account security of Gmail Account, then you can Enter your 10 Digit Mobile Number or simply left it blank.

Enter your Data of Birth as asked in the column

Note: – Just drag down your birthday month, enter date & year manually. This column is mandatory as Google wants to date of birth that took place where google services required to know your age, this is generally taken to determine your age group category to show personalized recommended ads & if you don’t want to see then you can just turn off your personalized ads. Enter your Gender in the column, After clicking your Gender, you are almost done!

Click Next

Google will show you a page of privacy & terms

You must read below clicking I agree

Hey Good Job You Have Completed Successfully

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