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How Turn on YouTube Dark Mode on Web, iOS, And Android Device

How Turn on YouTube Dark Mode on Web, iOS, And Android Device

YouTube dark mode gives a simpler on the eyes viewing experience. It’s a little decent when we are watching videos in obscurity or around evening time.

We invest a ton of energy gazing at the PC screens. also sadly, investing an excessive amount of energy gazing at a more splendid screen.
One of the simple methods for upgrading your viewing experience is to begin utilizing the Dark Mode. The dark mode is a famous component that is been coming to a considerable lot of the applications.
In this article, we will tell you how to enable dark mode in a YouTube internet browser, and the iPhone and Android Mobile App.

How to turn on Dark Mode on YouTube on your desktop screen

Open the YouTube desktop screen website & hit on the profile icon at the top-right corner of the page

Click the “Appearance Device Theme“ option from the scroll-down menu.

2. Presently you really want to choose the Dark Theme for the following page to enable the dark theme on youtube

3. That is it. Presently you can stream videos in dark mode. This topic is applied for just the current program to empower this for different programs then you really want to match up your google account with the other program.

How to turn on Dark Mode on YouTube in the iOS mobile app

How to turn on Dark Mode on YouTube in the Android mobile app

YouTube’s Android application likewise follows the telephone’s framework wide topic. In any case, to utilize just YouTube in the dark mode, you can transform it in the application settings, here’s the progression to enable the dark mode setting.

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To return to the light topic once more, follow similar advances and switch off the “Dark Theme” flip.

These all are is the means to how you can enable YouTube dark mode on the YouTube Web, iOS Application, & Android Application. For all the more such tech tips, Subscribe to our News Letter or Follow us on YouTube and Facebook.

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