What is computer

What is Computer?

Computer is a Digital tool for storing and processing data, usually in binary form, consistent with commands given to it in a variable program.

Computer is a Machine

Computer is an electronic machine.

It is a machine to calculate.

Computer  is of great use to us.

What is a machine?

  1. A machine makes our work easy.
  2. A machine takes much less time to do a thing.
  3. Working on a machine, we save time and energy.

For example: Iron, Mobile, Fan & Car etc.

What makes a computer work?

A computer system works by Collaborate input, storage space, processing, and output. Like so many machines computer work by electricity.

Do you know?

The wires used to join different parts of a computer are called cables.


Who made the computer?

Like all other machine it is again the man who was made the computer. English mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage is credited with having conceived the primary automated virtual computer. During the mid-1830s Babbage advanced plans for the Analytical Engine.

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Basic Computer Course Syllabus

  1. What Is Computer?
  2. Abacus To Computer
  3. Main Parts Of The Computer
  4. Types Of Computer
  5. Input Output
  6. Input Devices
  7. Output Devices
  8. Storage Devices
  9. Hardware
  10. Computer Versus Man
  11. Computer In Our Daily Life
  12. Internet
  13. Equipment’s Needed For Internet
  14. Multimedia
  15. Errors In Computer Programs
  16. Computer Language
  17. Logo Language